Security Story

Synapse provides feature-rich security capabilities, the SimplySNAP architecture itself prevents attack vectors from cloud to node through threat compartmentalization in each network segment. This protocol transition prevents IP-based attacks from progressing from the cloud to the nodes and preventing attack vectors on enterprise or collateral networks. 

Our mesh network uses industry standard AES-128 symmetric encryption over 802.15.4 for RF communication from node-to-node and gateway-to-node. Gateways using SimplySNAP Things Services employ WPA-PSK for Wi-Fi based connections and TLS 1.2 over Ethernet.

Synapse has a robust vulnerability analysis and hardening program as part our DevSecOps development lifecycle. Our products go through rigorous external penetration testing as well as targeted vulnerability analysis of specific threat vectors by certified third-party security consultants.

Synapse IoT devices are capable of live Over-the-Air (OTA) updates from the gateway down to the node. This allows Synapse developers to respond to the latest cyber threats to push patches and configuration hardening on-demand.