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From Vision to Action:
How CEOs Are Advancing Their Sustainability Initiatives

The McWane Family of Companies cast ductile iron products, including pipe, valves, hydrants, fittings, and plumbing products. The processes that are used to produce these products have been refined over time to deliver a high-quality product at a profit. How do you maintain profitability and implement sustainability initiatives?

The Real Value of Energy Insights

Knowledge is power. And knowledge about your power usage is even more powerful. As we all know energy powers performance, but it is also a massive source of waste. Making blind adjustments to energy consumptions is dangerous. And yet, letting energy waste continue unchecked is dangerous as well.

Key Benefits of Smart Lighting

The lights “working” looks different for each facility, each team, each bottom line. A holistic solution – one tailored to your plan – is what you need. But the plan is just the half of it. The other half, the most important half, is that your lights perform to that plan, reliably. Maybe you’re not sure how to go about that, or if it would be worth it. Or, if this is even possible. 

Press Release – Energy Insights

Huntsville, Ala. (September 17, 2021) – Synapse Wireless, Inc., a member of the McWane family, recently expanded its SimplySnap holistic energy management platform with Energy Insights. Energy Insights is a component in the popular SimplySnap platform frequently used in the industrial and manufacturing market segments.

Lighting Solutions in a Snap

Lighting is a part of every facility, whether it’s an outdoor sports complex, a parking garage or a busy warehouse. And there’s always a way to do it better – with schedules, motion sensors and energy use insights that allow you to make informed business decisions.

Webinar Recap – Saving Energy and Reducing Downtime

Ready to take action on your sustainability goals? But need to advance your operational goals and profitability goals as well? Check out this recent webinar to learn more about how SimplySnap is helping companies save energy and reduce downtime.

What is “The Big 3”?

As you know, and as the U.S Department of Energy confirms, Lighting, HVAC, and Compressed Air are three of the largest sources of energy consumption in most industrial and manufacturing facilities. So, guess what? This is exactly where our platform is focused.

SimplySnap: Profitability & Sustainability Together At Last

Industrial facilities like parking garages, sports arenas and manufacturing plants are notorious sources of massive energy waste. The good news? It’s something you can get a handle on in a snap.

SimplySnap: The fastest, easiest way to sustainability

For years, companies have been faced with a difficult choice: either do what’s best for the environment or do what’s best for the bottom line. SimplySnap solves this dilemma with a simple solution that is best for both.

New hardware controllers and software features- April 2021

See what new hardware and software features are available now.  We have three new hardware devices and a list of new software features to share with you. To see more details and learn about these new additions, check out this summary page

New hardware controllers and new software features- November 2020

See what new hardware and software features are available now.  We have two new controllers and a list of new software features to share with you. To see more details and learn about these new additions, check out this summary page

Stack the deck in your favor: Regulations and best practices for parking garages

Parking garages can be a challenging environment for lighting designers. From seasonal outdoor daylight patterns, to underground levels, these spaces are a microcosm for many types of illuminated environments. For an added layer of complexity, many fall under the federal, state, or local regulations. 

See how we shine with indoor and outdoor applications.

With configurable zones, scenes, sensor support, and individual light controls, SimplySnap software helps eliminate layers of scheduling and logistics and turns control over to a single interface. Indoor and outdoor spaces can be lit or darkened harmoniously with basic planning and a few clicks.

Webinar Recap – Wireless Controls by Control Freaks, for Control Freaks

What does it mean to be a wireless control freak?

Some may define it as a form of consummate brand advocacy, but we like to think it’s a little bit more than that. If you can grant us pardon for a little bravado, we’d like to expand on this perspective. Fair warning: It tends to be contagious.

Webinar Recap – Parking garages: A whole lot of opportunity

We’ve all done it. Parked the car, gathered our belongings, and rushed to find the nearest stairwell to make that important meeting or flight. But, you may not have noticed the dynamic, subtle complexities of the building housing your vehicle.

 Webinar Recap- Nail the Spec for Centrally Managed Multi-Site Parking Lots

Scaling an operation sometimes comes with an unexpected complication: More sites mean more lights. Modern technology, however, has finally made it an easy task with wireless controls that just work.

 Webinar Recap- Don’t let high bay lighting raise cost through the roof 

Are your high bay lights working overtime to keep your facility’s energy costs high? It’s very possible that expensive lighting for warehouses, manufacturing plants, indoor gyms, conference centers, and other high ceiling areas could be costing even more money to operate. 


Wireless Controls by Control Freaks, for Control Freaks

This webinar reviews highlights of the SimplySnap control system to begin your journey to becoming a professional control freak.

Parking Garages: A whole lot of opportunity

This webinar, hosted by Synapse, covers the highlights of the SimplySnap control system and key challenges and solutions for parking garage applications.

Nail the Spec for Centrally Managed Multi-Site Parking Lots 

This webinar, hosted by Synapse, covers the  challenges of managing multiple locations and  highlights of how the SimplySnap control system can help.

Don’t let high bay lighting raise energy costs through the roof

This webinar, hosted by Synapse, explains key challenges for High Bay Industrial Applications and how SimplySnap can simplify lighting controls in these environments.