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  • Cree Lighting chooses the SimplySNAP lighting system to expand its product line by offering control-integrated fixtures to the outdoor and industrial area lighting markets.  Get the details 
  • Synapse’s Intelligent Lighting solution is known to be adaptable, reliable, and scalable.  While the power of SimplySNAP enables the system’s features, strategic partnerships enhance the solutions Synapse offers its customers.  Learn more about the latest BMS Gateway

Solution News

Stack the deck in your favor: Regulations and best practices for parking garages

Parking garages can be a challenging environment for lighting designers. From seasonal outdoor daylight patterns, to underground levels, these spaces are a microcosm for many types of illuminated environments. For an added layer of complexity, many fall under the federal, state, or local regulations. 

See how we shine with indoor and outdoor applications.

With configurable zones, scenes, sensor support, and individual light controls, SimplySnap software helps eliminate layers of scheduling and logistics and turns control over to a single interface. Indoor and outdoor spaces can be lit or darkened harmoniously with basic planning and a few clicks.

Webinar Recap – Wireless Controls by Control Freaks, for Control Freaks

What does it mean to be a wireless control freak?

Some may define it as a form of consummate brand advocacy, but we like to think it’s a little bit more than that. If you can grant us pardon for a little bravado, we’d like to expand on this perspective. Fair warning: It tends to be contagious.

Webinar Recap – Parking garages: A whole lot of opportunity

We’ve all done it. Parked the car, gathered our belongings, and rushed to find the nearest stairwell to make that important meeting or flight. But, you may not have noticed the dynamic, subtle complexities of the building housing your vehicle.


Wireless Controls by Control Freaks, for Control Freaks

This webinar reviews highlights of the SimplySnap control system to begin your journey to becoming a professional control freak.

Parking Garages: A whole lot of opportunity

This webinar, hosted by Synapse, will discuss highlights of the SimplySnap control system and discuss key challenges and solutions for parking garage applications.


October 13 – 16, 2019 at Bloomington, MN

The Annual Convention and Trade Show  is a three-day educational event that features a lighting trade show, internationally recognized lighting experts, professional development opportunities focused on business growth, and several opportunities to meet one-on-one with General and Associate members. The Annual Convention is geared toward senior level managers and business owners.