KEY benefits of smart LIGHTING

“I just want the lights to work like they are supposed to work!”

Does this sound familiar?

Maybe a little too familiar?

When you’re managing a large, productive facility or a bustling outdoor space, lighting management is no small task.

Flipping a switch? Nope, it’s often not that simple.

The lights “working” looks different for each facility, each team, each bottom line. A holistic solution – one tailored to your plan – is what you need. But the plan is just the half of it. The other half, the most important half, is that your lights perform to that plan, reliably. Maybe you’re not sure how to go about that, or if it would be worth it. Or, if this is even possible.

We’re here to tell you:

Yes, yes and yes.

The key benefits of smart lighting

1. Lower your facility’s energy consumption and costs – period. This means more money back into your budget.
2. Comply with energy codes, whether from a government or corporate mandate. Everybody’s happy.
3. Boost safety and efficiency with lighting schedules and simple-to-use controls based on departmental needs. Everybody at your facility deserves a well-lit environment that works with them and not against them.

A lighting system should do all of these things and then some, including being incredibly simple to use.

Our solution, SimplySnap, provides the ultimate lighting control experience.

What is SimplySnap?

SimplySnap provides a proven, reliable lighting solution that is simple to use and a snap to scale. Our intelligent lighting system can scale from a small local deployment to cloud-enabled control of up to 10,000 lights across multiple locations. This allows facilities managers to increase site performance and decrease energy consumption.

Utilizing the intuitive user-interface, the facility management staff have unprecedented control inside their high-bay/low-bay areas, but also have visibility and control over outdoor areas such as surface parking and garage. With SimplySnap, facility managers can outfit their space with a connected system that is easy to configure, easy to use and easy to upgrade to take advantage of new capabilities in the future.

How can I get started?

Lighting controls through SimplySnap are custom to your facility and your needs. To learn more, let’s have a quick conversation about how we can help. Your facility will thank you.

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