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Indoor and outdoor

How often do you come across something that just makes good common sense? How often do you discover the solution that works just the way you thought it would, that is straightforward and user-friendly? Today’s marketplace is so chock full of endless customization, myriad product lines, and boundless configurations. Paralysis by analysis can set in fast. 

Here at Synapse , we’ve encountered this challenge often enough in our own line of work that we decided to create something lighting designers have told us they need: straightforward, user-friendly wireless controls and software that work exactly as you expect them to, but that can still be customized if needed. Something flexible but not overwhelmingly complicated. We call it rigid flexibility. We see it like this: Having options is great, but not if it’s tough to make heads or tails of where to start. 

This notion of rigid flexibility, along with an unwavering commitment to simple reliability, has become our litmus test for product development. We have created a series of components that plug in to many different fixtures and environments. Our powerful and adaptable software makes integration easy. And we not only make sure that our products work, but also that they’ll work where and when you need them to. 

Here are just a few of the places where SimplySnap just makes sense. It’s where we shine: 

  • Parking lots
  • Sports venues
  • Public parks
  • Heavily regulated zip codes
  • Expensive energy regions
  • IoT minded brands & facilities
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • College campuses
  • Retail centers
  • Sustainability focused brands and facilities
  • Warehouses & distribution centers
  • Entertainment districts
  • Parking garages
  • Multi-site facilities  

SimplySnap is the software platform that helps make these configurations possible through a mesh network that connects BMS gateways, occupancy sensors, wireless switches, central base stations, and various LED light fixtures. By connecting these various components via local networks or remote access, end-users are able to manage up to 10,000 lights across multiple facilities from anywhere with internet access. The interface is simple and adaptable, and provides real-time data that just makes sense

Practical Applications

College campuses provide a real-world glimpse into some of the possible arrangements. Take your average college campus, for example. These were typically built in the mid 20th century with spacious lecture halls, heavily trafficked corridors, large indoor gathering spaces, gymnasiums, outdoor sports venues, parking lots, and open-air green spaces. This common collection of buildings, walkways, and assembly halls, each with a different lighting application, is a textbook case that deftly demonstrates the versatility of our network. Parking lots will need site and area light fixtures with schedules and photocell sensors.  Parking garages will have embedded light fixtures, likely fitted with occupancy sensors, while large indoor gymnasiums will be adorned with powerful high bay fixtures. Outdoor pathways, parking lots, and green spaces will need daily illumination based on seasonal natural light patterns. Outdoor stadiums, however, will only need to be lit on specific dates during specific times. With configurable zones, scenes, sensor support, and individual light controls, SimplySnap’s software helps eliminate layers of scheduling and logistics and turns control over to a single interface. Indoor and outdoor spaces can be lit or darkened harmoniously with basic planning and a few clicks. Digital notifications help maintenance staff know exactly when and where lights need to be serviced. By installing more LED lights in place of fluorescents, the institution’s administrators conserve energy and save money. Then, with increased visibility on how their lighting infrastructure is being leveraged and by using more automated processes, they gain organizational efficiency as well. 

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