Don’t let high bay lighting raise energy costs through the roof

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Don’t let high bay lighting raise energy costs through the roof

Are your high bay lights working overtime to keep your facility’s energy costs high? It’s very possible that expensive lighting for warehouses, manufacturing plants, indoor gyms, conference centers, and other high ceiling areas could be costing even more money to operate. We have a simple solution to help you save money that just works: wireless lighting controls. This webinar reviews the common challenges found in these large indoor spaces and how Synapse delivers solutions.  

Shedding a little light on the industrial scale lighting challenge.

If you’re like most of us trying to light massive indoor and outdoor spaces, you are under pressure to deliver against a complex set of high priority and often conflicting objectives:

  1. Improve site performance. (you can’t cut corners on safety or effectiveness)
  2. Lower costs. (The hidden costs of energy are baked into everything we buy and sell)
  3. Hit the ever-changing regulatory requirements. (regulations never seem to decrease, but rebates do get harder to earn)
  4. Make it simple (If it can’t be implemented easily and used easily, what good is it?)
  5. Make it scalable (It has to work anywhere and with other systems in our network)
  6. Save the planet (Corporate sustainability isn’t just a hot-button buzz word. It’s a potential hot seat for facilities managers who can’t demonstrate performance)

If all those “number one” objectives aren’t enough pressure, lighting designers and facilities managers are trying to make it happen with solutions that were built for small and simple areas.  Room level and fixture-based controls are not adequate for these larger and more complex spaces.

Okay, so now what?

At Synapse, we created SimplySnap with the sole purpose of solving even the most complex challenges in the simplest possible ways. We have created a set of gateways, sensors, and a simple interface that can be snapped together to solve for whatever challenges your space presents and provide control over whatever variable matters to your site’s performance.

Our interface is easily integrated with other building management systems and extremely easy-to-use. The SimplySnap interface allows you to control your space by way of a simple three-part framework:

  • Zones – allow you to control a space based on location or For example, you might assign a group of lights called “final assembly station” that establishes a specific standard for the work that occurs in these spots, even if they are not contiguous throughout the facility. This allows for logical control over lighting, rather than the traditional circuit control.
  • Scenes – allow user to create specific lighting behaviors. Example: Dim all lights in a zone to 50% when there is no movement within 5 minutes.
  • Schedules – allow user to set single lighting scenes, or recurring events for total long-term energy optimization

All of this allows users to break free of the circuit and wire and take total control of different lighting levels in different areas at different times.


The low down on high bay lighting

The extreme ceiling heights in environments like distribution centers, large indoor retail spaces, conference centers, manufacturing facilities, or sporting arenas create difficulties. Getting good coverage where you need it from a light 35 to 45 feet away requires a high output light. These lights are more expensive to purchase and require more energy to operate. A typical site may require hundreds, if not thousands, of lights. These environments may operate 24/7 and have high lighting performance standards for employee safety. By our way of thinking, this extreme environment is the perfect place for SimplySnap to shine.

SimplySnap lowers costs

  • Task tuning allows user to have the right light level for the right task in the right zones. No more and no less than needed
  • Occupation sensors and scheduling turns lights off when it’s not needed
  • Daylight harvesting sensors allow users to optimize natural light, only using the energy they need when they need it
  • Rebates – SimplySnap is DLC certified and listed on the Networked Lighting Controls Qualified Products List (QPL) for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Reduce install and maintenance costs. Less wires = less money and less maintenance

SimplySnap improves performance

  • BMS integration allows you to control lighting through your existing management system
  • Enhanced safety with better control over lighting
  • Improve productivity, accuracy, and efficiency with dialed-in and consistent task lighting
  • Get immediate notifications about any lighting issues, with diagnostic data so you can quickly resolve a problem with fewer maintenance calls

Qualify for more Rebates:

  • SimplySnap is DLC certified and QPL listed
  • Our software provides detailed historical energy reporting for five years comparing different zones across different timeframes
  • Continuously updated to meet Title 24 and ASHRAE requirements
  • Total dimming control from 0 to 100%

We make you shine.

Whether you’re a specifier, a buyer, or a user of SimplySnap, we see it as our job to make you shine. Here’s how:

  • SimplySnap is easy to commission, easy to use, and easy to integrate. We work and play well with others.
  • We perform as promised, because we know it’s only smart technology if it works
  • You control every single light, and you can reconfigure any space, anytime as your needs change.
  • Real data you can use to make your space safer and more efficient – and reports that prove it.
  • SimplySnap is already embedded in the high bay luminaires of the manufacturers you trust most.

For more information on this topic, please watch our recent webinar on this topic, available here.